Instead of hiring more in-house salespeople, gain access to a team of Sales Sidekicks™

We help stone fabricators take their business to the next level by providing managed business development, sales support, and oversight.

Limited access. We only accept one stone fabricator per region.


Let our team of Sales Sidekicks™ help you gain control of your business.

What Does Our Sales Sidekick Program™ Include?

Only 12 Spots Will Be Available in 2023

You don't have to figure it all out on your own.
Work with an agency that has a deep understanding of the stone fabrication industry and market and offers proven strategies and solutions to the challenges you face, all in one convenient program.
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$50MM in Project Opportunities Generated (YTD)
As of November 2022, we have generated over $50MM in project opportunities for our clients. We accomplish this through our new business development program and campaigns.
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We've Spent The Last Five Years Learning & Solving Many Of The Unique Challenges Stone Fabricators Face.

Our team of Sales Sidekicks™ provide the support fabricators need to be able to grow more easily, efficiently, and affordably!

Stone Fabricator Elite was founded by Justin Shaw, a veteran business consultant and growth marketing specialist. Justin and his team will be fully dedicated to helping you:

Limited Space: 12 Memberships Total for 2023

Hear from fabricators like you

Fabricators share their experience and how they have benefited from our unique program.

Anthony Tafoya
Owner at IronClad

“I wish I had known about SFE sooner! They solve real problems, and really know this industry and exactly how to help with the problems preventing us from growing and building the type of business we want.”

Alex DiPietro
Co-Owner at Rye Marble Inc.

“Nobody has more creative solutions and strategies to help your business grow than Justin. And, nobody will work harder to help your business.

They’ve produced about $3MM worth of opportunities for us so far this year.”

John Kilfoyle
Owner at United Marble

“SFE has helped us create a sales system for our business that has helped us get clarity on what’s working, what’s not working, and what we can do about it. It’s been a game changer for us.

They are able to consistently generate real prospects and project leads for us.

Jamie Hernandez
Owner at Granite Designer

“Justin is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how the fab business works. He knows the PAIN and issues, and has the solution for ALL of it. We are extremely grateful for all the golden information.”

David Thomas
President & Director of Commercial Division at Blackbird Manufacturing

“The systems and strategies that Stone Fabricator Elite offers will do for our business in three months what would have taken us three years to solve.”

Stephanie Rumpler
Co-Owner at Surface Art Countertops

I was delighted to hear that you take the time to do onboarding and also have training videos as well. I am happy to hear you have instructions (for our systems) already laid out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sales Sidekick Program™ by Stone Fabricator Elite is a single source to help stone pros grow their business more easily and affordably.

We provide exclusive access to our membership program to one qualified stone fabricator per geographic region. Typically, this is defined by a 25-50 mile radius (or competitive market). Our program is well suited for mid-large size stone shops looking to get to the next level. The program is not for start-ups or those barely making a profit.

Check out our program video and if you qualify for our program you will receive an application and once approved you can enroll to officially secure your spot.

This is for you If:

You are growth focused, and looking to take your shop to the next level.  You want to leverage an efficient and cost effective proven system to help you grow more easily and quickly. 

Your business will have a proven customer acquisition system, frameworks for leading your sales efforts and team members—AND, the support to guide you along the way.

If you are serious about learning if this is right for you. Check out our program video to learn more. The video will show you exactly how our program works and the results we produce.

Get for support from a team that really gets it. Leverage our proven systems, strategies, and solutions.

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