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For driven shop owners only.
This program is for driven shop owners that are willing to invest the time and effort to make a massive impact on their business.
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We've Spent The Last Six Years Learning & Solving Many Of The Unique Challenges Stone Fabricators Face.

We have put many of our top systems and playbooks into this pilot program. There is space for 5 stone shops to join the program.

Stone Fabricator Elite was founded by Justin Shaw, a veteran business consultant and growth marketing specialist. Justin and his team will be fully dedicated to helping you:

Limited Space. Currently 2 Spots Remaining.

Hear from fabricators that have experienced our value

Fabricators share their experience and how they have benefited from our unique programs. You’d be the first to take advantage of this special program.

Anthony Tafoya
Owner at IronClad

“I wish I had known about SFE sooner! They solve real problems, and really know this industry and exactly how to help with the problems preventing us from growing and building the type of business we want.”

Alex DiPietro
Co-Owner at Rye Marble Inc.

“Nobody has more creative solutions and strategies to help your business grow than Justin. And, nobody will work harder to help your business.

They’ve produced about $3MM worth of opportunities for us so far this year.”

John Kilfoyle
Owner at United Marble

“Sales sidekick program has been a seismic shift in how we approach our sales and marketing. It’s given me renewed confidence in our ability to thrive because of the value that SFE team has brought to my business in a year and half. Which is a short time to make a truly profound impact.”

Jamie Hernandez
Owner at Granite Designer

“Justin is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how the fab business works. He knows the PAIN and issues, and has the solution for ALL of it. We are extremely grateful for all the golden information.”

David Thomas
President & Director of Commercial Division at Blackbird Manufacturing

“The systems and strategies that Stone Fabricator Elite offers will do for our business in three months what would have taken us three years to solve.”

Stephanie Rumpler
Co-Owner at Surface Art Countertops

I was delighted to hear that you take the time to do onboarding and also have training videos as well. I am happy to hear you have instructions (for our systems) already laid out. 

Questions You Might Have

This program is a good fit for shops that are serious about growth and want to gain better control of their sales. You need to be friendly and willing to put in the work.

The amount of time required is two to three hours per week. This will be split between live session with our team and the solo work you’ll do to implement what we show you.

This is for you IF:

You are frustrated by underperforming sales results and want to consistently hit your targets.

You MUST be willing and able to adopt new systems and execute at a high level.

We provide pricing during our intro call. You can’t judge the value without knowing exactly what we provide. We do offer a a guarantee.

If you are serious about learning if this is right for you then apply now on this page and we will help you with the next steps.

Industry leading sales improvement agency.

Justin Shaw at TISE 2023

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