In the competitive world of stone fabrication, securing lucrative projects can be a challenging endeavor. However, RMI in Westchester, NY, an innovative stone fabrication company, recently experienced a breakthrough, landing over $3 million in project revenue opportunities in less than 90 days. How did they achieve such remarkable success? By enlisting the help of our sales improvement agency and leveraging our Sales Sidekick program. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at the strategies employed and the remarkable results achieved.

Unlocking the Competitive Advantage

The first step in the process involved unlocking the client’s competitive advantage. Our team worked closely with the stone fabrication company to identify their unique selling propositions and differentiating factors. By understanding their strengths and positioning in the market, we were able to develop a comprehensive strategy that would help them stand out from the competition.

Identifying Targeted Opportunities

Next, we focused on identifying potential project opportunities that aligned with the client’s capabilities and aspirations. We meticulously researched and compiled a list of general contractors and developers who regularly worked on multimillion-dollar or significant-value projects. This targeted approach ensured that our outreach efforts would be highly relevant and increase the likelihood of success.
Similar to the concept of the Dream 100 client targeting, we recognized the importance of focusing on a smaller, highly curated audience. By concentrating our efforts on a select group of potential clients, we could personalize our outreach and establish meaningful connections.

Personalized and Targeted Outreach

Armed with a clear understanding of the client’s competitive advantage and a carefully curated list of potential partners, our team of experts launched a highly personalized outreach campaign. We crafted tailored messages that highlighted RMI’s unique value proposition and showcased its expertise.
Through various channels, including email and social media, we engaged with key decision-makers and influencers within the identified organizations. Our approach was to establish rapport and position our client as a potential partner that offers true value through tangible solutions.

Nurturing Relationships into Opportunities

Building meaningful relationships takes time and effort. Our team was committed to nurturing the connections we had established during the outreach phase. We engaged with prospects through regular follow-ups, providing relevant content, and sharing industry insights that demonstrated our client’s expertise and commitment to their success.
By maintaining consistent communication, we fostered trust and positioned our client as a valuable resource in the stone fabrication industry. This proactive approach ensured that our client remained top-of-mind when project opportunities arose.

Handing off Primed Opportunities

As relationships were cultivated and engagements deepened, it was crucial to capitalize on the momentum generated. Our team seamlessly handed off the nurtured opportunities to our client’s sales team. By this stage, the prospects were already primed and receptive, making it easier for the sales team to move forward with the sales process

Remarkable Results

The implementation of our Sales Sidekick program yielded exceptional results for RMI. Within just 90 days, the efforts we executed during this time can be attributed to over $3 million in project revenue opportunities. The personalized and targeted outreach, coupled with the strategic nurturing of relationships, resulted in a substantial increase in potential projects for our client.

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The case study of this stone fabrication company illustrates the power of leveraging our sales improvement expertise, managing new business development, and utilizing our Sales Sidekick Program. By unlocking RMI’s competitive advantage, identifying targeted opportunities, executing personalized outreach, nurturing relationships, and seamlessly handing off primed opportunities, they were able to land over $3 million in project revenue opportunities.
If you’re a stone fabrication company looking to elevate your sales and secure lucrative projects, consider applying or enrolling in our Sales Sidekick Program. When providing our managed new business development, we work exclusively with one fabricator per geographic region.
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