The Stone Fabricator Elite Business Development System Our Clients Are Using to Add Over $1MM Into Their Sales Pipeline in Under 90-Days

Build a Larger Network of B2B Clients
Win More Large Stone Projects

Our proven stone fabricator B2B marketing system helps stone pros to fill their sales pipeline with exclusive estimates and project opportunities. Whether you want to land more large residential or commercial projects our new business development team is your turnkey solution.


Proven Results

Our programs drive millions into our client's pipelines. Regularly producing a minimum 25x ROI in 3 months.


Success Guarantee

We stand by our work, if we do not get our projected result we will work for free until we do. Bet on it.



We partner exclusively with one stone pro per region. We help them to dominate their market.

Our 3-Part B2B Stone Fabricator
new Business Development Program

Learn the exact system our clients are using to strengthen their position in their serviceable region.

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

Most stone fabricators are lost in a sea of the same. They have nothing to set themselves apart from their competitor.

We help you separate your business from the pack and position your shop as the vendor of choice for the top design-build pros in your area.

Strategy & Prospect Database Build

We develop campaign strategies to deploy in our outreach to your ideal clients and target customers. Alongside this, we are researching and building your unique prospect database.

We do not buy lists, our team of researchers hand craft your prospect database comprised only of your ideal target customers. At the same time we develop your unique strategy informed by our deep experience over the past 5 years serving stone pros.

Launch your New Business Development campaigns & Build Your B2B network

Don’t bid on the same jobs as everyone else. Get exclusive projects and tap into the fastest way to expand your network of B2B clients.

The new business development campaigns we launch for you are designed to be evergreen, a keystone of your sales and marketing efforts. We maintain consistent outreach efforts to your target customers in order to activate a relationship and secure a initial engagement.

Learn About Our Turnkey Program


Enroll in Our Program & Claim Your Region

Once enrolled, we do a super-fast discovery session with you to define your specific goals, ideal clients, where you want to scale, and the types of projects you want to win. Our program takes very little work on your end.


Start to Receive Meetings & Bids

Our program is turnkey, we move quickly to launch your campaigns. You can expect to start to receive meeting and bid requests within the first two weeks of our campaigns going live. We can also handle your takeoffs to help avoid bottlenecks.


Land Initial Projects With New B2B clients

With the first 90-days you’ll typically start to close your first deals with new clients. These initial projects must be executed at a high-level in order to capture a larger percentage of their ongoing projects.


Increase Market Share and Revenue

We’re obsessed with helping our clients win a larger share of the market and expand their network of B2B clients. Our new business development program represents the fastest way to strengthen your position in the market and scale.

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Work With Us

Schedule an intro call with our team to discuss your business and see if your stone fabrication company meets the criteria for our program to be a success.