You don't need More Leads. You Need Systems & Support.

New Business Development & Sales Support for Stone Fabricators

We help you optimize your sales pipeline, level up your sales reps, and land more of your ideal clients and projects, both commercial and residential.

B2B New Business Development & Sales Support Team.

Discover the power of leveraging a fractional new business development and sales support team. Save time. Simplify. Scale.

More than a stone fabricator marketing company, we partner with our clients to provide them with our proven systems for growth—everything from business development, takeoffs/estimates, CRM and sales support, hiring, and recruitment. We’re an extension of your team, we bring a proven track record and turnkey process.

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B2B Residential

New Business Development

Our trade pro client acquisition system is what  stone fabricators are using to land more exclusive projects from high-end interior designers, architects, custom home builders, and general contractors.


B2B Commercial

New Business Development

Leverage our turnkey commercial stone fabricator sales program. We expand your network of general contractors and millwork companies. Win more large commercial stone projects through our campaigns.


CRM & Sales Support

Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

We’ve built the blueprint and system to support to sales efforts. Ensuring deals are nurtured at a high level, quotes are followed up with. Our clients see a 20% increase in their close won rate within 90-days of using our systems.


Project Pricing

Material Takeoffs

We not only drive exclusive project opportunities into your sales pipeline, we provide material takeoff and project estimates. Remove this bottleneck and eliminate busy work. Ask us for a complimentary takeoff today.

Why Choose Us

Running a stone fabrication business is complex and requires a massive amount of oversight. You don’t have the time or energy to teach a marketing company how your business works, or rely on building an in-house team of all-stars. Instead, you can partner with a team of experts who understand how to help you take your business to the next level.

Proven Results

Our programs drive millions into our client's pipelines. Regularly producing a minimum 3-5x ROI.

Turnkey Program

Our campaigns, programs, and systems are all established, vetted, and ready for you to leverage in your business.

Success Guarantee

We stand by our work, if we do not get our projected result we will work for free until we do.

Rapid Turnaround

We start the implementation of our stone fabricator marketing system within 24 hours of enrollment.

Dedicated Team

Our clients enjoy having a trusted partner that is dedicated to their success.


We partner exclusively with one stone fabricator per region. We help them to dominate their local market.

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Residential Projects
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Our Mission at Stone Fabricator Elite

“We’ve been serving stone fabricators and suppliers since 2017. Our goal is to solve the unique challenges that stone pros face at an elite level and become the most trusted business development and consulting company in the stone industry.”

Justin Shaw

CEO & Founder at Stone Fabricator Elite

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helping Elite Stone Fabricators Scale More Easily

Join our clients and discover the difference and impact Stone Fabricator Elite will make in your business.

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